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What are vein diseases?

Endovenous laser treatment for veinsThe veins are blood vessels that lead blood from the internal organs and extremities to the heart. Normal blood flow in leg veins leads blood from the legs back towards the heart.
The main factor enabling flow of blood against the force of gravity are valves located along the veins which prevent the return of blood down towards the ground.
Approximately 30% of the World’s population suffers from incompetent venous valves. For approximately 15% of the population the meaning of this is an interference with venous blood-flow and existence of vein diseases.

These diseases have a genetic orientation and are passed on from one generation to another.

The most common phenomenon in vein diseases are varicose veins (varicosities) of the lower limbs.
Additional factors contributing to the worsening of vein diseases are extended standing, pregnancy, and interfered hormonal background.


Often, during the initial stages of the vein disease, it causes no discomfort or problem. However, as time passes and the person gets older, vein diseases progress and begin to cause pain and other complications such as leg swelling, vein infections, thrombosis, and chronic incurable ulcers. In the more advanced stages of vein diseases, permanent and irreversible changes to the ankle skin will appear.
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It should be pointed out that no single method of treatment is appropriate for all patients with vein diseases. The method of treatment should be individually selected to suit the particular patient characteristics, disease severity, and other specific findings. The advantage of receiving treatment in a facility which offers the entire range of possibilities is in the ability to choose the most appropriate method for the patient, including: surgery, sclerotherapy, or laser. This advantage guarantees optimal results both therapeutically and esthetically.